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              power quality management
              power measurement
              power factor correction
              protection and control
              Remote Monitoring Hardware and Software

              Remote Monitoring and Power Quality Improvement Software
              Entes remote monitoring solution transmits the electrical parameters measured on the system through the communication module, and then centralizes the monitoring and analysis of these values. The communication module can access and control thousands of devices through Ethernet and GPRS connections. Using Entbus Pro and Entbus Plus software, remote measurement results from different locations can be collected. Important data that need to be compared (such as power consumption, demand, reactive power ratio) can be analyzed by graphical display.
              With this system, the application of monitoring power factor correction of power grid equipment, comparing power consumption at different locations and monitoring power consumption of machines on production lines become simpler, and the cost caused by faults can be avoided. With these systems, the measured results of instruments can be read from a single monitoring center on Entbus software. The DC parameters of remote locations that are difficult to reach (such as communication towers, solar farms and trains) can be transmitted to the monitoring center through remote monitoring hardware and software.


              Remote monitoring software
              ●Entbus Pro
              GPRS Modem RTU
              Ethernet and USB Converter
              ●EMG series
              Pulse counter

              ●Main features of EPC-12 Entbus Pro
              ●Online monitoring
              ●Real-time data collection
              ●Alarm management
              ●Distance configuration of measuring equipment
              ●Report, graphical display and export of collected data
              ●Access via Internet/Intranet
              ●Multilingual support
              ●Adding different brands of Modbus-enabled equipment
              ●Define virtual devices or virtual parameters
              ●Detailed report screening function
              ●Alarm notification via SMS and/or e-mail

              The new generation of Entbus Pro network power monitoring software is your most important solution partner for power management. Entbus power management software with network structure has the advantages of reducing energy consumption, facility expenditure and helping you achieve the goal of reducing expenditure.
              Entbus Pro power management software allows you to monitor the energy consumption of facilities in any corner of the world through the Internet. With Entbus network power monitoring software, you can use the communication function and connection points of the measuring equipment to record and archive long-term facility profiles through Ethernet/GPRS, such as gas, water, especially electricity.
              Because Entbus uses a network interface, you can manage the power of facilities from anywhere in the world, such as comfortable homes or small offices.
              With the help of hierarchical electricity information, you can optimize energy consumption for regional power management.

              System Structure System Work
              Data from communicable measurement devices are transmitted to the server via an Ethernet converter or a GPRS modem. Online users can access server data from anywhere.
              ●Monitoring screen:
              It can monitor the electrical parameters of the equipment in real time and display the hierarchy of the equipment in the equipment tree.
              ●Options screen
              Provide user information access and defined alarm parameters.
              ●Report screen
              It consists of reports calculated from device data read instantly. There are 27 types of reports. Reports can be displayed as graphs and/or tables. Graphics can be exported in PNG and BMP formats, and tables can be saved in XLS, CSV and XHL formats.
              Equipment commands
              Device settings can be configured remotely. In addition, the device log with data recording function can also be displayed.
              These are the basic configuration screens for Entbus. Area, connection point, equipment, user, alarm light definitions are executed in these menus. .
              When any parameter or power factor ratio of the device reaches the predefined value, the system notifies the corresponding user by short message and/or e-mail.
              ●Virtual Device
              For unmeasurable points, the required values can be measured by defining virtual devices and virtual parameters.
              All basic mathematical operations can be observed on the monitor screen, just like real devices. Therefore, loss and previously unmeasured consumption can be easily detected.

              system architecture
              There are two ways to use ENTBUSO Pro software.
              Application Model 1: Install the software on your own server
              In this application, users purchase software licenses, install software on their servers to collect data from intranets or networks, change the settings of their devices, analyze data, and create reports from them.
              Therefore, the control of electric energy measurement equipment distributed in a wide area is simpler. With the network access function of this software, users can control their system anytime and anywhere.
              Application Model 2: Using Software on www.entbus.com
              In this simpler network application model, the software is installed on the Entes server. Users define their own devices to the Entes server, store their data on the Entes server, and change device settings, all without having to deal with any software installation or server purchase. In this way, users can connect to the Entes server through the network, access their data with their passwords, analyze the data and create reports.
              Entbus@Plus V3.0 software reads and records data from field ENTES brand Modbus communication devices at user-defined intervals. The built-in reporting function uses these data.
              Structural characteristics
              ●The program consists of three modules. The server module collects data from field devices and records it to the database at the required time. MS SQL is used as a database.
              ●Monitoring module monitors parameters measured by field equipment. You can create a monitoring panel that contains a view of the front panel of the device, and create a personalized monitoring screen by creating a single line graph.
              ●The monitoring structure can be accessed by using web browser in the network module. It makes use of user-friendly, easily configurable and hierarchical structure to simplify the acquisition of needed analysis.
              Functional characteristics
              ●The program only identifies Entes brand devices.
              ●Two user levels can be defined. Administrator level allows users to access all aspects of the program. The remote device configuration, schematic design and program settings section of the operator-level restricted user access program.
              ●The data of field equipment can be monitored on a schematic screen or table displaying all equipment parameters.
              ●After user authorization, configurable parameters of field equipment can be changed.
              ●Simulated drawings can be designed.
              ●Hourly, daily or monthly power reports can be created.
              ●Maximum reports per hour, day or month can be created.
              ●Periodic value reports can be obtained at storage intervals. The minimum storage interval is 1 minute.
              ●Total power report, reactive power compensation and regional power report can be created.

              Communication Converter EMG/RS-USB Series
              EMG-021 EMG-12
              RS-4851 Ethernet Modem
              The Ethernet / RS-485 Modbus gateway is used to communicate PC with MPR / EPR and EPM series through the Internet (WAN) and Intranet (LAN).

              Network protocol 
              TCP/IP ARP, ICMP, HTTP Modbus TCP
              Serial port 
              Rs485 and USB Configuration
              Working mode
              ModbusTCP/RTU And Tunelling
              Network Interface
              10/100 Mbps Self coordination
              baud rate
              1200-115200 bps
              Power Supply 
              9-24V AC- 9-30V DC or (~100 mA), USB port
              Isolation and protection

              Rs485 port: 500V
              Ethernet Port: 1500V
              15KV ESD Protect USB Port
              10/1000 us (600W) instantaneous pulse
              ProteRS-485 Port

              Shell type
              DIN4 (Track installation)

              USB Converter (RS-USB2)
              RS-485/USB converter is used for PC to communicate with MPR/EPR and EPM-0x series.

              RS-485 to RS-485 transponders
              ●Variable baud rate
              300,... 9600,... 115K
              ●Variable data format

              technical specifications
              ●USB1.1 and USB2.0 support
              ●300-115.200 BPS baud rate
              ●Automatic Directional Flow Control on RS485
              ●Minimum 3000VDC Isolation Protection
              ●start LED
              ●Get power from USB port without external power supply.
              ●Automatic Baud Rate Detection
              ●ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protection

              Product Selection Table
              Maximum number of devices available for Connect
              1 Online connection
              4 Online connection
              Pieces / boxes
              Power Supply
              Product code
              RS 485/USBConverter
              Ethernet-Modbus Gateway
              Ethernet-Modbus Gateway
              RS 485 to RS-485 transponders

              GPRS OEM Modem
              GEM-1O/ 10SH
              GEM-10 GPRS/Modbus Gateway allows Connect to Signal Communication devices over GPRS or Ethernet network via Modbus protocol. With GEM-10, you can use GPRS or Ethernet and Modbus TCP Signal communication, or can use these Connect options as alternatives to each other.
              GEM-10SH can use its Serial Port to read instruments that support the IEC 62056-61 Object Recognition System (OBIS) protocol.
              Design of remote instrument reading system. The development of GEM-10SH establishes a system for reading and comparing instruments from various centers through Entbus electric energy monitoring soft piece.

              Network protocol 
              TCP/IP ARP, ICMP, HTTP Modbus TCP
              Serial port
              Rs485 and USB for Signal Communication
              USB port for configuration
              Working mode
              Network Interface
              10/100 Mbps self-coordination
              baud rate
              1200-115200 bps
              Power Supply 
              12-20V DC
              Isolation and protection

              Rs485 port: 500V
              Ethernet Port: 1500V
              15KV ESD Protect USB Port
              10/1000 us (600W) instantaneous pulse
              ProteRS-485 Port

              90x7 1x80 mm
              Protection level
              Ip40front panel,IP54 Optional
              0.4kg/equipment; 12 pieces/ Packing
              Signal communication
              Signal communication Agreement
              MODBUS TCP/RTU adopt TCP
              IEEE 802-3, 802-2
              Isolation voltage
              Four-band downlink
              850/900/1 800/1900 MHz
              Link speed
              Max 85.6 kbps
              Uplink speed
              Max 21.4 kbps
              Online Connect
              Number of Max devices that can be built and connected
              Modbus (RS-485), USB (Mini), Ethernet(RJ45)
              Configure Interface
              MiniUSB Port, Ethernet (Network Interface Configuration)
              Power metering
              IEC 62056-61 OBIS Agreement
              Power Supply
              working voltage
              190-260V AC
              input Voltage
              12-20V DC
              Power waste
              <5 W
              working frequency
              environment condition
              ambient temperature
              -20/ +60℃
              Storage temperature
              -30/ +70℃
              Isolation and protection
              USB Port 15kV ESD Ethernet 500V
              Modbus/RS485 500V Isolation and Short Circuit
              GPRS Mobile Base Station Class B
              Instantaneous pulse 10/1000us (600W)
              DINTrack installation
              Connection terminal
              With screws

              Modem RTU
              GEM-15 modem RTU is a modem with advanced I/O function. It can use GPRS or Ethernet facilities as alternatives to each other. GEM-15 can detect the values to be monitored remotely (such as temperature, humidity, pressure, electrical parameters, etc.) through analog or digital output, and perform control operations through analog, digital and repeater output.
              With the Modbus RTU protocol, which supports serial communication, it can communicate with all other devices in this facility, read information from its registers, specify alarms on devices, and establish control mechanisms that depend on these devices.
              GEM-15 can be configured remotely with its own software to monitor the analog and digital input of the connected devices and obtain reports to create analysis. Inserting SIM card can provide users with real-time alarm monitoring through short message on mobile phone.

              Power Supply
              9-36V DC, protect
              < 5W
              CPU Clock frequency
              80 MHZ
              RTC(Real time clock)
              input Wave filter
              Wave filters with median and average values are applied to simulated input. Digital input contains an analog low-pass Wave filter. There is one or two soft piece anti-jitter control Wave filters.
              Digital I/Of requency

              Digital output: OFF to ON response 32us, ON to OFF response 150us
              Digital input: OFF to ON response < 2ms, ON to OFF response < 12ms

              ADC sampling time

              Samples were collected for each channel at 640 SPS (number of samples per second).
              Speed after filtering operation: 4 SPS

              Program loading
              Updating Fixed Piece and Applications via USB
              Signal communication
              GPRS, MODBUS TCP support
              Serial port(RS485)
              15 kV ESD protect ,Electrical insulation,MODBUS RTU
              environment condition
              working temperature
              -20/ +50℃
              Storage temperature
              -40/ +85℃
              Working height
              Integrated input output
              Digital input
              4 (Sink)
              Voltage Range
              ON level
              input Electric current
              Max input Electric current
              type 0.70 mA 24 VDC
              Max input Electric current
              1.50 mA 50 VDC
              Input impedance
              >3.3 MΩ
              Input GND Common Lead
              1 (4Point / public)insulation
              Maks. Tow Electric current (24VDC)
              Max 5.6mA (All inputOn)
              Maks. Tow Electric current (50VDC)
              Max 12.04mA (All inputOn)
              OFF to ON response
              < 2ms
              < 12ms
              Digital output
              Modular output
              4 (Sink)Output band transistor
              Voltage Range
              Max output Electric current
              125 mA/Point,500 mA/public
              Min output Electric current
              0.42 mA/點,1.68 mA/公共(3.3 V)
              Max leakage current
              0.01 mA I
              voltage drop
              2.3 VDC @0.76 mA
              OFF response to IN
              32 μs
              ON response to OFF
              150 μs
              nput GND leads the public
              1 (4 / public) isolation
              external Voltage input
              5- 50 VDCMax 48 mA (All outputOn)
              Max Tow Electric current
              Max 0.5A (All outputOn)
              Simulated input
              Electric current input cabinet
              Modular Voltage input
              Electric current input accuracy
              1% accuracy ,12 place Resolving power
              Electric current input
              1% accuracy ,12 place Resolving power
              Voltage input
              120 Ω
              Voltage input
              40 kΩ
              Repeater output
              1 (4 points / public)
              Modular output
              Modular output
              4 repeater
              Max Contact Electric current
              Com-No (Usually open)3A@250VAC
              Logging Time Resolution
              Logging capacity
              Store 19600 parameters, time stamp and parameter information
              alarm system Log record
              Storage parameters and start and end time timestamps

              Pulse concentrator
              ●Collection of pulses from power, water and gas meters
              ●12 different instrumentation inputs
              ●Define 8 different rates for each instrument, such as workdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
              ●DST (Summer Time) Function
              ●RS-485 Communication
              Configuration software
              Using configuration software, all equipment parameters can be changed and all consumption values (electricity, water or gas) can be monitored on the computer screen.
              ●All equipment parameters can be changed
              ●Real-time value pages
              ●Total consumption calculated at rates
              ●Access Logging

              DIN 4 (PK27)
              Protection level
              Backlight 2x12 LCD
              Min pulse width
              Min pulse interval
              Min pulse cycle
              Min pulse frequency
              Min pulse impedance
              800 ohm
              pulse Voltage
              10 V
              Trigger edge
              The rise and pulse width control
              Total counter capacity
              Power Supply
              working voltage
              190-260V AC
              Power waste
              working frequency
              45-65 Hz
              safety standards
              EN 61010-1
              Terminal Protection Level
              IP 00
              environment condition
              ambient temperature
              -25/ +55℃
              Storage temperature
              25/ +70℃
              Track installation
              line type
              Terminal track
              Voltage Connecting line thickness
              pulse Adding wiring thickness
              RS-485 Connecting line thickness
              5 kinds of cables
              communication interface 協議
              MODBUS RTU (RS-485)
              No, odd, even
              transmission speed
              2400-38400 bps
              Maximum communication distance

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