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              power quality management
              power measurement
              power factor correction
              protection and control
              High Voltage Capacitor
              ENHc series
              ENHc high voltage capacitor is used in 50 Hz/60 Hz AC power system. It is mainly used to improve the power factor of the system, improve the voltage quality of the power grid, reduce circuit losses, improve transformer efficiency, and give full play to the efficiency of power generation and power supply equipment. It is very conducive to energy saving and efficiency, and brings huge benefits to power users and power supply system.
              Characteristics of High Voltage Capacitors
              ●Double-sided coarsening "whole film" manufacturing technology is adopted for low loss.
              ●Aluminum foil: Aluminum foil with 4.5 micron electrical stability and good uniformity is adopted, and laser foil cutting technology is adopted.
              ●Improve the stability and service life of capacitors, and use mechanical non-welding bonding, lower impedance, eliminating welding local heating.
              ●The insulating oil comes from ARKEMA, France. It has good local discharge, slow aging speed, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and degradable. Mechanical rolling type porcelain bushing, sealing flange and box body are TIG welded, never leaking oil.
              ●ENH high-voltage capacitor shell is made of stainless steel, never rust, using concave-convex punching technology, good smoothness and high mechanical strength.
              ●Unique inner fuse protection: the inner fuse is placed between the two components, and there is an insulating village plate between the fuse and the adjacent components to prevent damage to the adjacent parts when the fuse moves, so as to improve the reliable operation of the products.
              ●Discharge resistance is arranged in each series section of capacitor core, which can eliminate the overvoltage caused by the action of inner fuse besides discharging.
              ENHc series
              technical parameter
              Parameter name
              parameter values
              Rated voltage(un)
              Individual 1-24KV
              Rated passenger volume(Kvar)
              25-800Kvar ( Individual )
              Related standards
              IEC608711:2005 EN60871-1;1997 GB/T15024
              DLT8402003  JB/T7114-2005 VDE6560
              Max overvoltage(Umax)
              24h/d  Un
              8h/d  1.10Un
              30min/d  1.15Un
              5min (x200) 1.30Un
              1min (x200) 3.00Un .
              Voltage Peak value 3.00Un
              Over current(According to the standard ) (Lmax)
              Capacitance deviation loss
              -5/+10% Cn
              test Voltage (Between Terminals) (UTT)
              43× UnDC10 second , or 2.5 ×UnAC10 second
              test Voltage (Between Terminal and Shell) (UTC)
              According to IEC standards ,10 second
              Max’s Surge Electric Current
              Dielectric loss
              Capacitance loss
              0.15W/Kvar(Contains discharge resistance and built-in fuse)
              Insulation level
              20/60KV ; 28/75KV : 38/95KV ; 50/125KV ; 70/170KV
              Service life
              > 100000hour
              Protection level IP
              IP00, indoor and outdoor
              -40℃ to 50℃
              Cooling mode
              Natural cooling
              Max 95%
              Customizable at <2000m altitude
              Install mode
              Bracket install
              Internal protection
              Built-in fuse
              Stainless steel
              Polypropylene film
              Overtopping agent
              Non-PCB, Degradable ARKEMA
              Magnetic system
              Discharge resistance
              Surplus Voltage 75V/10 min
              Recommended Torque M12
              Recommended Torque M10
              7Nm(Ground wire)

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